A report on the slave contracts in the south korean entertainment industry

There is the allure of money, fame, and recognition. Kitagawa maintains the illusion of diversity by backing artists and releasing albums through a variety of sub-labels, masking a web of monopolization with himself in the center. The members of Nine Muses, for example, restrict their food intake to whatever they can fit in a small cup.

Most fans of EXO are aware that members such as Kai and Lay, who are the lead dancers, are often enduring injuries sustained from long practices that they put in for the sake of perfecting the dances.

Contract can have unfair terms, and I agree that consider most artists are underage, does not have the right mentality to distinguish or truly understand many things. I spent the last 15 years standing shoulder to shoulder studying and growing old with just about the most brilliant kids on the planet who are now earning boat load and being praised as the shiz because they worked very hard and continue to get better.

He is the most powerful force in the insular Japanese music industry, the second-largest in the world. This malpractice and wrong perception about women is so prevalent that men would not even recognize it as a human rights problem, generally.

Now that is extremely unacceptable by ANY standards. Sasaeng fans are highly territorial, attacking other fans who dare to get too close to or touch a pop idol. Tweet on Twitter Jang Ja-Yeon, who killed herself after physical and sexual abuse.

Male idols have been revealed as dating porn stars and even being drunk, naked, and screaming at police in a park, only to find the incidents as nothing more than minor speed bumps in their careers. IU chose to discuss her own troubles on an episode of celebrity talk show Healing Camp, revealing that she had to receive treatment for bulimia.

Critics say that malpractice in the industry is partly attributable to a government that has given backing to hallyu, or the Korean wave, through the agencies.

In her note, Jang accused Kim of beating her and forcing her to have sex with a slew of directors, media executives, CEOs, etc. Both slavery and indentured servitude were made illegal by the 13th Amendment to the U.

Star News article,cited in Wikipedia The exceptionally long length of the contract alone is unethical, but the fact that Hangeng publicly stated that he only received about 4, yuan in pay after his first year of performing makes me comfortable to say that the system is exploitative of its assets Allkpop, Your article is long on opinion and short on fact.

Tao portion at 5: The blog quotes a member of Super Junior as saying Even if I wanted to move to another agency, the time left [for my contract to expire] and the compensation I would have to pay would be too big to handle.

American music industry is even more screwed up and here you are judging…. At the moment it seems unlikely that there will be change.

Heechul from Super Junior even closed his Twitter account as a result. I would eat until I threw up. Hacha Mecha High School were kicked out of their band by their agency when it was revealed they were dating fans.

For a long time these cases were silenced by powerful agencies.

Slave Contract

InGan Mi-yeon from the girl group Baby VOX received scores of letters filled with razor blades, as well as hate mail written in blood and photographs of herself with the eyes put out.

Regardless of the cultural differences, the difference in work ethic, and the demands of the insatiable fans, K-pop idols are treated unethically and commoditized by their management, which is a problem that is unlikely to drastically change due the constant high demand for new entertainment content and high supply of aspiring K-pop idols.

In the end, the disgrace proved too much. The bill can add up to several hundred thousand dollars. Eventually he filed a lawsuit against the entertainment house because his health began to suffer, alongside several other complaints of an unfair slave contract: As South Korea becomes increasingly popular for exporting entertainment and ideals of handsome men and beautiful girls, one wonders if the entertainment industry will also become popular for its severity, unfairness and excessive greed.

Being brutally honest, becoming a pop star is a complete crap shoot competing against so many kids. And it seems that no matter what stage they are in their careers, the idols are always working as much as possible, no doubt due to the relatively short shelf life of an entertainer.

K-Pop's slave contracts - a glance at South Korea's entertainment industry

However, something must be said for the thousands of young aspiring entertainers from all over the world who continue to audition to break into Korean entertainment. Indeed, the second ever Korean-born model to get into playboy, Pani Leewas once asked to have sex with an influential figure for money and fame.

Recent Women in the Spotlight Last year in August, Taiwanese singer Estrella Lin claimed that she was asked to sexually entertain investors in exchange for her Korean debut. Her sister could not get a hold of Jang for the rest of the afternoon, so she finally decided to go home to check on her.

This is because the companies want to maximize their profits by using their entertainers. Pale skin, skinny frame, scarves, wearing dress shoes with no socks, pink or some other neon color clothes, ridiculous hairdo, and exhibiting just about every fidgety beta male body language and traits you can imagine.

Solo artist Hwang Chi Yeul has also admitted to getting work done at the request of his management.1.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous – Korean Slave Edition

“Slave contracts” In discussing the hardships that idols face, a familiar topic is the slave contract. May 19,  · SM Entertainment, one of the largest Korean music labels, has had a series of legal challenges to its contractual policies. Informer Super Junior member Han Geng claimed that the company forced him to do things he didn’t want to do under threat of fines if he disobeyed and denied him sick leave when he developed gastritis and kidney problems.

South Korea’s dark entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is everything in South Korea. Well, almost. It is the heart of the “Korean Wave”, the surge of worldwide interest in the nation’s culture, from television drama series, only to discover that almost artists were trapped in “slave contracts”.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous – Korean Slave Edition. Posted on March 7, by Ryo. One Japanese comic book called “Chase of Fabricated K-pop Boom” criticizes the Korean entertainment industry, with its excessive bribes, suicide, and sex services.

Many Koreans, however, refute these depictions as unrealistic and only focusing on. K-pop stars are still battling mistreatment from management agencies despite industry regulations that prohibit the use of unfair mi-centre.com the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) introduced “standardized contracts” for the entertainment industry to improve terms.

Given the fierce competition in post-academic life, South Korea’s schooling system is known to be one of the most rigorous in the world: after studying at school, it is common for students to attend hagwons, or cramming schools. The more privileged also hire tutors to learn to play an instrument, prepare for an exam or improve their fluency in a foreign language.

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A report on the slave contracts in the south korean entertainment industry
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