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They may have to renew their nursing licenses regularly, depending on the states where they are practicing as RNs.

Preparation of medication is in the hands of nurses and its application: Blood samples and setup of venflos are not done by nurses except in the ICUbut mostly done by students of medicine, even if it is in the curriculum. Even some politicians in the past claimed that everybody is able to nurse.

They must be able to work in a team environment. They may be required to travel to visit patients at their homes. In order to administer medications, some states require that RNs pass a medication administration exam.

Some employers require candidates to have prior experience as an RN. They must follow standards of care and practices. Their main job is to promote wellness and health. They must be able to use various medical instruments. They must read professional journals to keep themselves up to date with current medical findings and technology.

Special care like setting up urine cathetersnasogastric tubestreatment of wounds and wound dressings are done by registered nurses or nurse students under supervision. UK Nurses wanting to work in Germany[ edit ] In Germany, all nurses who want to work in their nursing profession have to have their qualification recognized by applying for an "Anerkennung".

They may be required to train, coach, or mentor new or more junior nurses. They must have excellent interpersonal and communications skills.

All basic care is done by registered nurses or coordinated and done by the nursing students. This is through the official administrative body responsible for licensing health care professionals which varies from state to state.

They may also work for other organizations, such as outpatient facilities, rehabilitation centers, or senior centers.

Working as a nurse[ edit ] In hospitals, there are mostly working registered nurses and nursing students. They may be required to attend various workshop, classes, or conferences to improve their skills as RNs.

Administer nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled patients. Advise patients on health maintenance and disease prevention or provide case management.

Job satisfaction[ edit ] Job satisfaction is very low in Germany because of the heavy work-load, low salaries and a low appreciation of the nurse profession in the public.

The nurse associations are working hard to achieve the acceptance for the installation of nursing chairs in universities but they are often undermined by politicians who are looking for the cheapest work force but not skilled and professional workers.

Registered nurses in Germany take care of the patients and there are different systems who and how the patients are treated:Sep 22,  · Most of the time, registered nurses (RN) work for hospitals or medical clinics. They may also work for other organizations, such as outpatient facilities.

Apply to 63 Staff Nurse Jobs in Germany on mi-centre.com, India's No.1 Job Portal. Explore Staff Nurse job openings in Germany Now! Nursing in Germany is provided by different levels of professional and specialized practitioners. German-registered nurses are known as Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger.

Previously, the official name for a nurse practicing in Germany was Krankenschwester and Krankenpfleger. If you want to work as a registered general nurse in Germany without any restrictions, you need a state licence.

This licence acknowledges you as a registered general nurse. Are you planning to do the Nursing job in Germany, then overseas Placement shows you the way to German.

Nursing in Germany

It is the most developed country in the EU, that makes it also the best place to settle & the next major benefit is the lifestyle and infrastructure, compared to other developed countries.

Anyway, back to your concerns, as of October according to the National Nursing Research unit, Germany currently does not have a regulation of nurses and thus, the term RN or "Registered" nurse is obsolete and void.

About nurse in gremany
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