Annelida importance and interesting facts

An earthworm never dies when cut it into two halves. Annelids can be found in most wet environments. The indigestable sand takes about an hour to pass through its entire body and comes out at the other end.

They can regenerate cut off pieces of their body. Blood flows toward the head through a contractile vessel above the gut and returns to the terminal region through vessels below the gut; it is distributed to each body compartment by lateral vessels.

The digestive system circulatory system and the sensory system are located in the mid-section. Some of the lateral vessels are contractile and serve as hearts, i. Other worms have feeding tentacles that extend from the tube opening and creep along the mud or sand, picking up organic deposits.

Leeches are primarily freshwater annelids, but some live in the ocean and some in moist soil or vegetation. Oligochaetes occur in a variety of habitats throughout the world. Fertilized eggs of marine annelids usually develop into free-swimming larvae. Annelid Characteristics Segmented Bodies The fundamental characteristic of the phylum is the division of the body into a linear series of cylindrical segments, or metameres.

Pennak, Fresh-water Invertebrates of the United States 3d ed. Solid wastes are egested and plastered against the burrow wall, or ejected from the mouth of the burrow; the ejected material is called castings.

Respiration Some aquatic annelids have thin-walled, feathery gills through which gases are exchanged between the blood and the environment. Other species live under rocks on the seashore, in the leaves of tropical trees and vines, on the surface of glaciers, or on the gills of freshwater crayfish.

When the body moves it looks like a wave. Back then, it was believed that leeching would get rid of the "bad blood" that caused diseases. In each segment there are paired ganglia linked by a cross-connection.

Their size varies from under a millimetre to about 3 metres. Excretion is typically carried out by a pair of tubes in each segment.

The majority, however, are tube builders.

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Fact 1 Structure Of Annelids Annelids are a species of worm that includes various other worms including leeches etc. A mutualistic relationship is beneficial to both organisms. In one acre of land you can find millions of earthworms. They are disk-shaped and flattened, with a series of reduced parapodia with hooked setae; they often match the color pattern of the host.

Most leeches can swim by rapid undulations of the body, using well-developed muscles of the body wall.

Interesting Information About Earthworm

Many are predators on small invertebrates; some are scavengers. They are commonly black, brown, green, or red, and may have stripes or spots. All members of the group are to some extent segmented, in other words, made up of segments that are formed by subdivisions that partially transect the body cavity.

Class Oligochaeta This class includes about 3, species of earthworms and freshwater worms. They vary in sizes starting from the microscopic worms to the huge Gippsland Earthworm of Australia which are about 10 feet long.

The young emerge as small copies of the adults.10 Interesting Facts About Earthworms As winter draws to a close, gardeners begin their spring migration into the outdoors, leaving winter dens behind and coming into contact with the harbingers of the shifting seasons: shovels, hoes and trowels. Oh, and earthworms.

Annelid worms have a nervous system. The brain forms a ring round the pharynx (throat), consisting of a pair of ganglia (local control centers) above and in front of the pharynx, Annelida, in Invertebrate Zoology 7th ed, Brooks/Cole. pp. – ISBN Feb 01,  · Annelids may just seem to be ordinary worms with little merit but in fact, they do some pretty remarkable things.

Here are some interesting facts about segmented worms. May 07,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: What are two interesting facts about annelida? Phylum annelidaStatus: Resolved. Aug 29,  · Some facts about annelids? anything would be useful.? Thx.

Why Are Annelids Important?

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Facts About Annelids

Some facts about annelids? anything would be useful.? Thx.

Source(s): The Annelida are a medium sized phylum of more than 9, species of worms. Most species prefer aquatic environments, but there are also a number of well know terrestrial Resolved.

Interesting & Fun Facts About Earthworms Decayed plants and animals are the primary source of food for earthworms.

An earthworm never dies when cut it into two halves.

Annelida importance and interesting facts
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