Dos and don ts in an office

Keeping a pair of shoes under your desk also proves helpful. What is an absolute no-no is sexual harassment. Invest in your future. Put your hand phone in the silent or vibrating mode at the workplace.

Open Office Space Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts

Wait for your turn to speak. This might not be an issue for every profession. Sitting in wet clothes all day is not fun.

Taking any office property back home is equivalent to stealing. Corporate Etiquette refers to set of rules an individual must follow while he is at work. It is unethical to share confidential data with external parties and any other individual who is not related to the organization.

Do not forget to shut you mobile phone during meetings. Park you car at the space allocated to you. While having lunch together, do not start till the others have received their food. Depending on your profession, you will most likely have to correspond with your coworkers after work and on weekends.

One of the big bosses could still receive it! Well, I do know which category this would come in but as is wont to happen, most women would overlook shallow comments like this, even though they were personal.

You will want people to respect you then, right?

How to Craft the Perfect Out-of-Office Message

Hopefully you will have the chance to climb the career ladder someday. No organization likes to have a shabbily dressed employee.

You can squeeze all of the necessary information into a nice, concise package. Never shout on anyone or use foul words. Data in any form must not be passed to anyone outside the organization. Never criticize or make fun of any of your colleagues.

If you have a problem that may force you to stay away from work, keep your boss in the loop. An individual must know how to behave at the workplace. Did you really want to see Uncle Henry anyway?

Do look at your office with a "glass half full" attitude. It will be a waste of time for both parties if you meet the employer for an interview and initially know you will decline the position.

Having the freedom to move about can break up an otherwise ordinary day. Since the personalities of your employees will most likely fall on different ends of the spectrum highly introverted - highly extrovertedit is a good idea as a supervisor to set company standards for how best to navigate the open space arrangement.

It is unprofessional to lash out at others under pressure. Shave daily and do not use strong perfumes. Having a positive attitude about being at work will affect your job performance…significantly. Every time he uses the phone, you end up typing the same word 10 times till he finishes the entire conversation, thanks to his loud voice.Don’t wait until the last minute.

You might want to consider setting up your auto-responder one day before you actually leave the office. This will give you a little padding so you can focus exclusively on highly important emails before you pack up for your time away. So how do you deal with office boors and malicious gossip?

Ignore, ostracise (if possible) and/or return the favour, with help from coworkers, so that they learn a lesson! Here's a list of dos and don'ts that may help you understand the parameters within which you must work.

What you must not do. Don't try and find 'best friends' among your colleagues. AH, THE OFFICE. If you work in one, it’s probably where you spend the majority of your life.

That being true, it’s worth being aware of a few ground rules. These simple DOs and DON’Ts. Taking any office property back home is equivalent to stealing.

Corporate Etiquette - Do’s and Dont’s

Make sure you turn off the monitor while you go out for lunch or tea breaks. Switch off the fans, lights, printer, fax machine, scanner before you leave for the day.

Don’t bring your personal work to office. Avoid taking kids to office unless and until there is an emergency. Some Office ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ 1. Don't lean back in your chair. Keep all legs on the floor so that you do not end up on the floor.

Take time to reach out and hold on to the chair as you sit down. Be sure that the chair is beneath you as you sit. 2. Keep the floor and walkway clear of electrical, telephone and computer cables, boxes, etc. Office Space DO: Tasteful photos, simple decorations, and plenty of room to store two sets of coats, bags, and personal gear.

Office Space DON'T: Loudly discussing the details of a deal you're working on while your office mate sits (with her fingers in her ears) crunching numbers.

Dos and don ts in an office
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