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We have two main options for fuel. In our rapidly changing world we have petroleum fuel that gives life to our whole society. To reduce the impact of greenhouse gasespeople around the world are using biofuels.

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E85 is what it is called at the gas stations. The economy will benefit by reducing the amount of oil we get from foreign countries. Well, biofuels could be the answer to your energy crisis.

Two examples of good possible sources of biofuel are kudzu and algae both of which can grow very quickly and are not used for the food of the human Essay over biofuels. Fuels that have been extracted from plants and crops are known as biofuels. This lets the crops Essay over biofuels are used as fuel, stay stabilized and not get washed away during a storm or heavy rains.

However, the cost of research and future installation means that the price of biofuels will see a significant spike. Unordinary, the vegetable oils that Diesel hoped would power his engines were too expensive. The burning of hydrocarbons to create energy unleashes a chemical reaction that ends with carbon entering the atmosphere, where it then traps solar radiation in the atmosphere, leading to the warming process.

They are cleaner fuels, which means they produce fewer emissions on burning. As prices of crude oil is touching sky high, we need some more alternative energy solutions to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels. Gasoline is refined from crude oil, which happens to be a non-renewable resource.

These crops can be replanted again and again. Unless more efficient means of production are put into place, the overall carbon emission does not get a very big dent in it. Biofuels are more environmentally friendly overall and they should be used as opposed to fossil fuels accordingly.

If half of that money would go to our local farmers instead of foreign countries, it would help our economy tremendously.

Fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus. The second reason that the world should use biofuel as opposed to fossil fuel is that they produce much less pollution in comparison to their fossil fuels counterparts.

We should increase our development of alternative fuels, taking advantage of renewable resources, like using corn and sugar to produce ethanol or soybeans to produce biodiesel. The government is thinking about giving some money back to companies if they start to manufacture these vehicles.

These cars run on the biofuels or it is better known as ethanol. These plants can provide shade for the fish, which live in the clean waters. Biofuels are produced from wheat, corn, soyabeans and sugarcane which can be produced again and again on demand, so they are sustainable.

North Atlantic climate oscillations Essay over biofuels by deep Greenland ice cores. Current technology being employed for the production of biofuels is not as efficient as it should be.

Biofuels not only help a struggling economy by providing jobs but also helps in reducing greenhouse gases up to much extent by emitting less pollution. Then the birds and other animals can find protection in the crops. Most biomass plants only need to be planted once.

It also helps the reduction of soil erosion and water pollution.Converting over to biofuels will eventually change life as Americans know it.

It will transform society into a much more energy efficient, green, and healthy place to grow as humans. Unfortunately, many people argue that converting from oils over to biofuels is a waste of time, and will later have no effect on the planet.

May 20,  · Should the world use biofuels? In our rapidly changing world we have petroleum fuel that gives life to our whole society. We have two main options for fuel.

On one hand, we have fossil fuels, which causes a great deal of pollution our planet and although we have plenty of fuel reserves now, this fuel.

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Biofuel is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database. I’m looking for. I’m looking in However, concerns over the utility of producing and using biofuels have given rise to a debate over whether or not biofuels can provide the solution to the problems associated with fossil fuels.

In. Read Biofuels free essay and over 88, other research documents. Biofuels. Biofuels Now that gasoline is $ and is predicted to go up even more. Wouldn’t you like to /5(1). Environmental Issue Paper 07/31/12 Biofuels: The Pros and Cons A hot topic all over the world today is whether or not biofuels should be implemented to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuels are defined as “liquid fuels derived from biological materials; can be made from plants, vegetable oils, forest products, or waste materials. Biofuels Essays: OverBiofuels Essays, Biofuels Term Papers, Biofuels Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.

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