Ethics female foeticide

Who are we, she asked, to tell women what they should want? In this context, to talk of choice offered to women who are victims — of the medical industry, of the medical profession, of families and Ethics female foeticide patriarchal ideologies — is to make a travesty of concepts of agency and indeed of choice.

How can the medical professionals collaborate in such a heinous crime? Does it stem from a shaming sense of South Asian identity? The community appears to give greater respect to the parents of boys, and boys themselves.

She was shocked over female foeticide in the state. High fines and judicial action against parents who knowingly try to kill their unborn baby. What was ignored is that a large proportion of Indians actually Ethics female foeticide their dead. I just want it done with.

Marriage law prohibits female infanticide. A progressive lawyer on the panel argued very convincingly that we must not expect the law to provide solutions to all social problems. But where do we go from here?

Millions of Missing Girls! Female Foeticide and Ethical Concerns

Does the concern for missing females conceal what should be our concern for both missing males and females, who add up to the dismal, and huge, load of infant and child deaths in our country?

We have a population that apparently wants female foeticide, a medical system happy to supply the necessary technology, and a section of feminists arguing that female foeticide is about reproductive rights and choices.

On the other hand, on our side, are strange bed-fellows of the Sangh Parivar. Yet there has occurred an epidemic of the spread of sonogram and ultra-sound clinics in a completely unregulated manner.

Is it that dalit or adivasi or working class infants and children dying is somehow natural? Family economics Girl babies are often killed for financial reasons.

What also went unsaid was that the import of such expensive technologies — with the State stepping in with exemptions from import duties and other such measures — sets off a logic of its own: Widespread campaigns and seminars for young adults and potential parents to enlighten them about the ill effects of female feticide.

Female infanticide

The sex ratios of other countries are listed below: Of the numerous steps taken to curb the matter, the prominent ones are: Men are usually the main income-earners, either because they are more employable or earn higher wages for the same work, or because they are able to do more agricultural work in subsistence economies.

Female infanticide was common in pre-Islamic Arabia. We will provide for them and for you. It must be added, parenthetically, that the World Bank health projects in Andhra Pradesh seek to utilise so-called religious leaders in the campaign against AIDS.

If the inviolability of human life from the first moment of conception is not defended, it will result in the destruction of human life in different ways.

Female infanticide What is infanticide? The One Child Policy was introduced by the Chinese Government in with the intention of keeping the population within sustainable limits even in the face of natural disasters and poor harvests, and improving the quality of life for the Chinese population as a whole.

This raises serious questions about their ethical formation and practice. The concept of reproductive rights has been so reified that it is unavoidable in the context of female foeticide also — where it is used to justify the practice. More recently, I read that the VHP was participating in a meeting of religious heads to oppose female foeticide.

Maternal Health Care Law forbids the use of technological advances, such as ultra-sound machines, to establish the sex of foetuses, so as not to pre-determine the fate of female infants or encourage selective abortion.

Female Feticide: Causes & Effects of Sex-Selective Abortion

When the infant girl, is buried alive, is questioned, for what crime she was killed. Indeed there was no rethinking on the role of Pre-Implantation Diagnostic Techniques PDTs already available in our metropolitan cities. About the Authors Warning: A set hierarchy prevails in all tiers of its social order, and a fanatic preference for male children is especially common in India.

But, the Churches run a number of educational institutions all over the country. But at this meeting there was no reflection on the adoption of medical technologies for sex determination either.Jul 20,  · Female infanticide and female foeticide (the selective abortion of girls in the womb) are significant issues in India.

Female infanticide has been a problem for centuries, partly as a result of the patriarchal nature of Indian society. Female Foeticide raises serious bioethical concerns: 1. It is a typical example of how medical technology, if used without ethical concerns, can become harmful to human life and social well-being.

(The Guardian) - Inthe government launched a national campaign to address the sex ratio with a renewed focus on enforcing laws that forbid sex-selective abortion and diagnostic techniques used for female foeticide, in addition to promoting girls' education. Offering choices or creating a demand?

On August 7, the Delhi Medical Association, along with the India International Centre, organised a panel discussion on female foeticide. May 28,  · Female feticide often happens with the explicit consent of the mother. Even the mothers-to-be agree to this misdeed out of an inherited cultural bias and a sense of duty to the family.

Foul Medical Ethics. With the legalization of abortion in India, illegal sex determination and termination of pregnancies have become everyday mi-centre.coms: Ethics female foeticide  FEMALE FOETICIDE Female foeticide is the illegal practice of killing a foetus while it is in the womb, because it is a female It is prevalent in our country as a major social evil.

Ethics female foeticide
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