How to write am and pm in arabic

There are three reasons: Third, skipping the minutes looks unprofessional. Do you include the minutes even when the minutes are zero and are not needed? I find that 2: Which is better, 2: However, our focus is on their use when placed after a time.

How to Write AM and PM

The simple answer is that including the colon and minutes is almost always going to be the best way to go. With that in mind, this article is about which way is most pleasing to the eye and easiest to read.

But the one thing I see many people do that I insist is bad design across the board is using multiple formats in the same sentence or layout. Do 9pm and 10am look best or are 9 pm and 10 am the way to go?

Both solutions are troublesome. Skip the periods, especially in lists of times or series of times. I did a quick internet search and found all kinds of answers. But you may just as well argue that including a full space between looks too disjointed. Formats Consider the format of the time portion.

AM or a.m., PM or p.m.: Do I Capitalize AM and PM?

One compromise is to kern the space tighter so it leaves less of a gap. If one time includes the minutes, all times should include the minutes. When placed after a double-digit hour, like So what do you do?

Skip the spaces and they feel very squished.

Write Arabic

Here is my answer to this conundrum. Granted, it is true that including the periods takes away all doubt as to the purpose. This comes down to readability, comprehension, and professionalism. So why use either one?

Second, when the qualifier pm takes up more space than that which it qualifies a single-digit hourit feels a tad backward. This provides the best of both worlds, setting the designation apart from other text better than lowercase does, while not drawing the unneeded attention that uppercase does.

An event should not start at 9 am and end at 2: I definitely prefer 9: But take that away and the point becomes clear that 7: Note that while I prefer lowercase over uppercase, the best solution is to use small caps.

The event runs from 9: The alternative of 7 pm is less so. Spaces What about spaces? When writing a single-digit hour such as 9:The Chicago Manual of Style, the AP Stylebook, the MLA Style Manual, and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary all recommend this style.

But keep in mind that it is a question of style, so some people may disagree. If your company has an in-house preference for small caps with no periods, that’s what you should use. Also 4 PM or 4 P.M. (with PM in small capitals) Garner's Modern English Usage: 4 p.m.

or 4 PM (with PM in small capitals) The Gregg Reference Manual: 4 p.m. or 4 P.M. (with PM in small capitals) Whatever style you choose, be consistent.

How should you write a.m. and p.m.?

I always use lowercase letters: 4 p.m. Pam's coworkers were apparently arguing about whether to include the zeros. Write Arabic. Home; Search; Translate; Tools ∇ Editor ; Currency Converter; Photoshop arabic; Games ∇.

* Note: please note that it is a transcription into Arabic alphabet of the names phonetics. This translation is therefore an approximate match as certain sounds do not exist in the Arabic language (and vice-versa in English!). For example, Arabic has only three vowels: a, i and u.

what would be the translation of this in arabic about time between morning and afternoon. AM and PM as Lowercase Letters There are a few generally accepted ways to write these abbreviations in your writing. The first and most common way to write them is with lowercase “a.m.” and “p.m.”.

How to write am and pm in arabic
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