India yesterday and today

They could even give up their meal to feed their guest. Let us regain what all we have lost. We have forgotten even how to love.

India yesterday and today.

There is still eternal love that exists - the love of our parents. Above everything, we try to find our narrow gain. We try to take revenge. If we are lost in false attractions, then so is our nation lost.

As Gandhiji said, "If everyone tries to take an eye for an eye, then the whole world would turn blind. But this is not love.

Should I say more? Has any of the so-called Atheists never prayed? Which one are you? Now, may our politicians, who are one of the future, who are willing to come into the light and who will ask themselves what they can do for their country, please stand up?

Today in India there are two leaders: Our ancestors accepted all infiltrations to India. Let us learn again to tolerate, forgive, love, respect.

It began with contempt for the Prime Minister of our country which also belongs to these contemners. No wonder, voices against Modi were heard. India has grown through the centuries based on this virtue.


And the subject for the Abracadabra that came to my mind was my country — India, Bharat, Hindustan; call it by any name it is the same. A couple of my friends who went to America, at the time I migrated to Bombay, made it good, settled their children there itself and have returned to their nest, India, like birds driven by their instinct!

They accepted all and grew along with all. Let us be Indians once more. We cannot and must not think our own ideals to be inferior to Occidental ideas. Earlier, these very wings were there flapping but the bird was flying in a wrong direction.

We follow Western ideals, Western culture, Western fashion, Western food, festival and even Western freedom! We have forgotten many of our own ideals in our trial to follow the West. Revenge does not make man gain anything. If at all, after the elections, Modi could be given some space in AICC Office premises to continue his petty business of selling tea.

Yesterday And Today

This was followed by the ruckus in the JNU Jawaharlal Nehru Universitya beehive of Nehru-Gandhi and Leftist ideologues, with young students in their most impressionistic age. I could see him grinning from molar to molar, happy! Has then, India forgotten its own self, its own culture, its own essence?

We can be ourselves, though, and we can excel in what we are. Muslims, no doubt, were targeted by the saffron brigade by taking law into their own hands. I think we have Westernized ourselves a little too much! I asked, why at this old age.

We think we are living our life, we ask for freedom. Let India rise again, in her own glory, and not in the glory borrowed from someone else.Mar 24,  · Check out for the latest news on Yesterday and Today along with Yesterday and Today live news at Times of India.

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India Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow It has been an unbroken tradition for me since 40 years to write an Abracadabra column for the annual special issue of Star of Mysore brought out on Feb every year.

India yesterday and today
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