Literary merit and its significance to

Inat the obscenity trial for Howl, author Walter Van Tilburg Clark was prodded into defining literary merit. Now, a large part of me agrees with this practical, working definition, but then it seems to me that creating a work of literary merit, or with the intention of the piece receiving literary merit, is impossible.

Literary merit Literary merit is the quality shared by all works of fiction that are considered to have aesthetic value. Seriousness Again, I approve of the seriousness of the purpose, but what of those things which are written with, apparently, no purpose?

The Question Of Literary Fiction And Form Form is one thing that is often associated with literary worth, particularly in regards to poetry.

My bookshelves are littered with things which, ostensibly, have literary worth, but they are also scattered with fantasy writers and graphic novels which may, or may not, have worth applied to them on a critical level. Or they can be carbon copies of someone in that thriller you picked up the other day.

The Count of Monte Cristo is truly exciting — if you find a well-edited version — and well-plotted. Like they say, art imitates life. There is a method to the madness. Obviously such a test cannot be applied to a new or recent work, and one cannot, I think, offer soundly an opinion on the probability of endurance save on a much wider acquaintance with the work or works of a writer than I have of Mr.

The Durability of a Text — Obviously, this relies on the text being read by people long after its publication.

Great style enchances a good story; bad style detracts from it. The other extreme is equally bad. Solpadol discusses love and drug abuse. Characters, plot, and world also have oodles of literary merit if you care to look.

They can be well-drawn, with nuanced conflicts and protrayed with bracing honesty. Others are just trite and boring. Aside from this test of durability, I think the test of literary merit must be, to my mind, first, the sincerity of the writer. The way that a writer arranges their words can transcend the language adn turn it into something of beauty.

And, of course, there is always the possibility that these tests will be forced out in favour of another. Of course, this can be easy in poetry, but impossible to represent in a play or stage production, when the emotion is reliant on actors, directors, costume and makeup artists, et cetera. The Caitiff The Caitiff is my first full-length novel.

The Sincerity of a Text — How honest is the text in question, and honest in what ways? It can include political affiliation, creed, or sexual orientation. Regardless of the quality of the story or its style, certain literary works have risen to prominence because they mark the passage of a momentous time in history.

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I would be willing, I think, even to add the seriousness of purpose of the writer. It sure can seem like a racket run by wrinkled old men wearing tweed jackets bent on boring everyone else to death. Some are insightful, deft, and original. Sometimes we get lucky and our tastes overlap with literary merit.Dante’s Divine Comedy has merit for its writing, specifically, it’s rhyming pattern of threes and its meaning in history.

While Harry Potter isn’t the best writing wise or have deep historical significance, it has still provoked such intense reactions from fans, and non-fans alike. In great literature, no scene of violence exists for its own sake. Choose a work of literary merit that confronts the reader or audience with a scene or scenes of violence.

In a well-organized essay, explain how the scene or scenes contribute to the meaning of the complete work. Avoid plot summary. Literary merit is the quality shared by all works of fiction that are considered to have aesthetic value.

The concept of "literary merit" has been criticized as being necessarily subjective, since personal taste determines aesthetic value, and has been derided as a "relic of a scholarly elite". What Is Literary Merit, And How Do We Define It?

What Is Literary Merit?

When most people think of literary merit, it ends up being characterized as little more than a piece of writing which has some kind of subjective importance; a lot of people, nowadays, will publicly view this kind of importance as little more than a term used by high-brow readers, who mostly.

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No matter what you are working on. It takes years to acquire so much wisdom that a single book of literary merit instills in a reader.

How to Tell if a Piece of Fiction Has Literary Merit

Literature mirrors the society and its mannerisms. And it's significance is like the never ending depth. Literature professors and scholars emphasize themes in their analysis. This shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of storytelling. Characters, plot, and world also have oodles of literary merit if you care to look.

Just because a story is about “important things” doesn’t .

Literary merit and its significance to
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