Pest analysis south africa 2013

Pest analysis south africa 2013 form one of the largest nonhuman aggregations and the most abundant groups of mammals when measured in numbers of individuals [ 2 ].

Seed Dispersal Seed dispersal is a major way in which animals contribute for ecosystem succession by depositing seeds from one area to another [ 29 ].

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This can indicate that maternity colony of one million Brazilian free-tailed bats weighing 12 g each could prey up to 8.

They are also responsible in transmitting rabies. It is therefore important to identify bioindicator taxa that show measurable responses to climate change and habitat loss and that reflect wider-scale impacts on biodiversity [ 2 ].

Most of the bats are predated on roosting or when they emerge from roosts although sometimes predated during foraging or flying.

Bats represented only 0. Biodiversity indicator species have characteristics that can be used as an index of attributes e. The timber of this tree is used for making farm cart wheels in India. About big brown bats also consume enough adult cucumber beetles in one summer to prevent egg-laying that could produce 33 million root-worm larvae and contributing in prevention of agricultural pests damage [ 16 ].

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They cause damage on human, livestock, agricultural crops, building, and infrastructure. View at Google Scholar A. For example, cave-dwelling salamander and fish populations and invertebrate communities are also highly dependent upon nutrients from bat guano.

Right now, this is a good thing. They may cause damage on human, livestock, agricultural crops, airplane strike, building, and infrastructure infestation, and rarely become aggressive or bite humans during self-defense [ 58 ]. Although bats are no longer needed to pollinate flowers or disperse the seeds of edible bananas, the ecological services bats provide for their wild relatives are important for conserving its genetic diversity [ 3 ].

Bat bush meat has the highest nutrient high protein, vitamin and mineral composition with lowest cost per kg [ 76162 ]. A common challenge in the study of the use of bats as pest control is the lack of basic ecological information regarding foraging behavior and diet for many species of bats.

Bat pollination occurs in more than species of 67 families and 28 orders of angiosperms worldwide [ 28 ].

PESTLE Analysis of South Africa

Ecological indicators consist of taxa or assemblages that are sensitive to identified environmental stress factors that demonstrate the effect of those stress factors on biota. As feeding on nectar and pollen requires relatively specialized morphology e. Hosts for Parasite Numerous haematophagous ectoparasites live such as bat fleas Ischnopsyllidaebat flies Nycteribiidaebat mites Spinturnicidaeand bugs Cimicidae on the skin surface and in the fur of bats.

The pollination services of bats for food crops by combining the pollination dependence ratios with regional crop production and its prices was determined [ 55 ].Latest Market Research Reports on South African Industries. PEST Analysis, Country Forecast and Other Details.

USD | South Africa PESTEL Analysis Market Research Report provides information about Business & Government, Country PESTEL Analysis industry. South Africa, officially the Republic of.

The South African economy is one of the stable economies on the African continent The economy is expected to experience good growth and reach $ 1 billion Price: € This PESTLE analysis of South Africa will examine the many situations the country is currently experiencing that may affect businesses within it.

Macroeconomic Opportunities and PESTLE Analysis of South Africa PESTLE Analysis of South Korea PESTLE Analysis of Israel Country Analysis Pestle of south africa Pestle analysis of SOUTH AFRICA. 6 billion USD ().PEST ANALYSIS – South Africa Political Type: Parliamentary democracy.

Pest analysis south africa 2013
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