Power quality monitoring thesis

The tolerance of data-processing equipment to voltage variations is often characterized by the CBEMA curvewhich give the duration and magnitude of voltage variations that can be tolerated. Smart grids and power quality[ edit ] Modern systems use sensors called phasor measurement units PMU distributed throughout their network to monitor power quality and in some cases respond automatically to them.

Using such smart grids features of rapid sensing and automated self healing of anomalies in the network promises to bring higher quality power and less downtime while simultaneously supporting power from intermittent power sources and distributed generationwhich would if unchecked degrade power quality.

Waveform[ edit ] The oscillation of voltage and current ideally follows the form of a sine or cosine function, however it can alter due to imperfections in the generators or loads. Introduction[ edit ] The quality of electrical power may be described as a set of values of parameters, such as: These distortions occur as oscillations more rapid than the nominal frequency, and are referred to as harmonics.

Continuity of service Whether the electrical power is subject to voltage drops or overages below or above a threshold level thereby causing blackouts or brownouts [2] Variation in voltage magnitude see below Transient voltages and currents Harmonic content in the waveforms for AC power It is often useful to think of power quality as a compatibility problem: More practical solutions developed in recent years store data only when an event occurs for example, when high levels of power system harmonics are detected or alternatively to store the RMS value of the electrical signals.

Harmonic problems can be dealt with by a combination of good design practice and well proven reduction equipment. Low harmonic content in a waveform is ideal because harmonics can cause vibrations, buzzing, equipment distortions, and losses and overheating in transformers.

It concludes the process by compressing the values of at least some of these components over different periods, separately. Typically, generators cause voltage distortions and loads cause current distortions.

Flicker is rapid visible changes of light level. A no of PQ occasions are produced and decomposed utilizing wavelet decomposition algorithm of wavelet transform for exact recognition of disturbances.

This combination of simplistic techniques implies savings in both data storage and data acquisition processes. Each of these power quality problems has a different cause.

A significant archive sizes are created during an operation of such instrument. The vast majority of the disturbances are non-stationary and transitory in nature subsequently it requires advanced instruments and procedures for the examination of PQ disturbances.

Abrupt, very brief increases in voltage, called " spikes ", "impulses", or "surges", generally caused by large inductive loads being turned off, or more severely by lightning. Power quality challenges[ edit ] Engineers have at their disposal many meters, [7] that are able to read and display electrical power waveforms and calculating parameters of the waveforms.

This real time compression algorithm, performed independent of the sampling, prevents data gaps and has a typical As Kraus et al.

Compatibility problems always have at least two solutions: A "dip" in British English or a "sag" in American English the two terms are equivalent is the opposite situation: Power conditioning[ edit ] Power conditioning is modifying the power to improve its quality. This term is in common usage has no formal definition but is commonly used to describe a reduction in system voltage by the utility or system operator to decrease demand or to increase system operating margins.

Two extremely distinct features basic to all PQ disturbances like Energy and Total Harmonic Distortion THD are separated utilizing discrete wavelet transform and is nourished as inputs to the fuzzy expert system for precise recognition and order of different PQ disturbances.

Electric power quality

Power Quality Deviations[ edit ] Voltage[ edit ] Variations in the peak or RMS voltage are both important to different types of equipment. The fuzzy expert system classifies the PQ disturbances as well as demonstrates whether the disturbance is unadulterated or contains harmonics.

Raw data compression[ edit ] Nisenblat et al.

Power Quality Disturbance Detection and Classification

It comes from the noticeable to significant dimming of regular incandescent lights, during system faults or overloading etc. This remanufactured sine wave is of higher quality than the original AC power feed. Nonzero low-frequency impedance when a load draws more power, the voltage drops.

For three-phase meters that measure both voltage and current waveforms, the data is times as much. Consequently a Wavelet based denoising system is proposed in this work before feature extraction process.

Electrical utilities carefully monitor waveforms and currents at various network locations constantly, to understand what lead up to any unforeseen events such as a power outage and blackouts. It is likewise watched that when the PQ disturbances are contaminated with noise the identification gets to be troublesome and the feature vectors to be separated will contain a high amount of noise which may corrupt the characterization precision.

To provide high quality electric power service, it is essential to monitor the quality of the electric signals also termed as power quality PQ at different locations along an electrical power network.

Electronic filters can remove harmonics. This algorithm referred to as PQZip empowers a processor with a memory that is sufficient to store the waveform, under normal power conditions, over a long period of time, of at least a month, two months or even a year.

Detecting and classifying the different electrical disturbances which can cause PQ problems is a difficult task that requires a high level of engineering knowledge.

Nonzero high-frequency impedance when a load demands a large amount of current, then stops demanding it suddenly, there will be a dip or spike in the voltage due to the inductances in the power supply line.Power Quality Issues and its Mitigation Techniques A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of.

Power quality analyzers are the most commonly used tools to observe real-time readings and also collect data for downloading to computers for analysis.

While some are permanently installed in the distribution system, handheld analyzers are necessary for many applications, especially troubleshooting. Power quality (PQ) monitoring is an essential service that many utilities perform for their industrial and larger commercial customers.

Detecting and classifying the different electrical disturbances which can cause PQ problems is a difficult task that requires a high level of engineering knowledge. “I declare that this report entitle “Design and Development of Real Time Power Quality Monitoring System” is the result of my own research except as cited in the references.

4 | Power Quality Issues, Impacts, and Mitigation for Industrial Customers IEEE“IEEE Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems,” is the standard for harmonics in North America. POWER QUALITY MONITORING AND EVENT CLASSIFICATION BY BINOD KACHHEPTIA B.E.C.E A thesis submitted to the Graduate School in partial ful llment of the requirements for the degree Master of Science Major Subject: Electrical Engineering New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Power quality monitoring thesis
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