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The Clone Wars and how Wookieepedia documents its material, one must make this critical distinction: Back to top Who writes the Star Wars books? The policies are determined by consensus: Report anything that looks unusual, suspicious, or out of place to Star Wars Celebration staff or security immediately Remain patient and courteous during security checks and follow the instructions of Star Wars Celebration staff and security at all times Properly dispose of your Star Wars Celebration badge inside the venue or keep it as a souvenir — please do not sell it to scalpers or throw it away in trash cans outside the venue where it could be picked up Carry a valid form of photo ID at all times You as a fan are able to help us improve event security, fan safety and the overall happiness of everyone at or near Star Wars Celebration.

However, the scripts were still based on his own stories, and he Star wars faq is star wars still make decisions about the filming. Back to top I heard something on SuperShadow.

Star Wars Celebration welcomes fans from all around the world. No one knows the answers to these questions except perhaps George Lucas himself. Alternatively, you can join IRC ; at least one administrator is usually present there at any given time.

A discussion may start as a simple vote or even a simple suggestion or question, but usually, the end result is neither of the originally proposed options in case of a votebut rather some kind of fusion of different ideas.

As explained in the previous two sections, many canon subjects now have both canon and Legends articles.

When he was president of Lucasfilm, he employed a dedicated staff of editors and licensing staff in a division of the company called Lucas Licensing. Blue links point to existing pages like Main Pagered links point to nonexistent pages like MediaWiki: Back to top What new Star Wars books are coming, and when?

If Star Wars Legends is non-canon, why even have it on Wookieepedia? Star Wars Celebration is pleased to provide ADA accommodations to assist those with special medical needs.

In addition, nine of these symbols are not official era symbols endorsed by LFL, and have no meaning outside Wookieepedia: The six existing Star Wars movies, in the order the stories take place, are: The Clone Wars film and television series to be canon but does not consider its spinoff material, such as comics and video games, to be canon.

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The unauthorized resale or attempted resale of the Badge is prohibited and will constitute a forfeiture of the Badge without compensation. Everyone attending Star Wars Celebration should be aware or the following security measures: What new Star Wars books are coming, and when will they be out?

Showclix support staff is available to assist you via phone or e-mail with ticket order related issues. Patience you must have! If you really wish to complain, you can do so on the Community Central Forum or contact Wikia staff directly with your complaint via the form at Special:Star Wars FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Trilogy That Changed the Movies [Mark Clark] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

(FAQ). From the books and movies that inspired George Lucas to imagine the Star Wars universe, to early screenplay drafts that were never filmed/5(3).

Skill Points are unit-specific and can be used to unlock a Star Card at Common level, or to upgrade an existing Star Card to the next Level.

Q.) Can I use Skill Points that I earned from one unit to upgrade another unit? With Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, Ashoka, appearing on Star Wars: Rebels, many fans expected a confrontation between her and her old master, now Darth Vader.

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That confrontation is now at the center of the season 2 finale of Rebels. faq view history talk. In what order should I watch the Star Wars films? I watched the films, where do I go from there? What do you want to see in Episode VIII? What Star Wars books should I read?

What comics should I read? What are the best Star Wars games?

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Should I watch The Clone Wars animated series? General questions What is Wookieepedia? Wookieepedia is a free content, freely editable online encyclopedia about everything Star Wars, including the Star Wars universe, fandom and behind-the-scenes details.

Who owns Wookieepedia? Sep 12,  · For LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 12 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs)%(32).

Star wars faq is star wars
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