Writing a layoff letter to employees

Avoid boilerplate corporate-speak and wording that comes across as impersonal and condescending. Unless there are specific reasons for employees to writing a layoff letter to employees different forms of notification, all layoff letters should be identical.

Create notices that explain the layoff in the most straightforward, respectful manner possible. We have given as much advance notice as possible to employees to allow time for staff to arrange their affairs.

Example Dear name of employee I regret to inform you that due to market conditions, we are unavoidably obliged to terminate the employment of a number of out highly valued staff.

Assemble the materials and documentation you relied on to make the determination to lay off employees. Some staff may have packages or other issues which are affected by the layoff. Explain the difficulty in sustaining a successful organization in the face of challenging economic conditions, business demands and the inability to meet customer demands for products and services.

Criteria for selecting which workers lose their jobs. Such criteria must not conflict with existing company policy or a union agreement. Tell employees the date on which they will receive an information packet that outlines the steps to applying for unemployment benefits, retraining for new jobs and outplacement services to help employees find employment elsewhere.

Obtain the employee census with the names of employees identified for the layoff. Reason for the layoff. We appreciate that staff may have personal matters related to payroll issues which may require advice regarding procedures and options. Personalize the news of a layoff to prevent employees from feeling they are in the dark about business decisions that affect their careers and the ability to support their lifestyles.

How to Write a Layoff Letter

Explain without providing too much detail. Method and date of payments: To avoid legal action, think of layoff letters as informal legal documents that include the following: The amount of payout, any entitlements to unpaid holiday leave, bonuses, overtime, or other payments.

Program payments through payroll: This is a mandatory requirement, setting the date of termination of employment for legal purposes.

How to write a legally safe layoff letter

Employees who feel slighted by such communications are more likely to publicly criticize your organization … and sue. This is another mandatory requirement, setting up the framework for final payments. Explain how employees were selected to be laid off and the process used to decide which positions would be eliminated.

These issues may require negotiated settlements, or may be strictly arbitrary payments in terms of employee contracts. Writing a letter to inform employees about layoffs is a good start; however, the letter should be discussed with employees during departmental or all-staff meetings.

Courts have ruled that organizations can use criteria such as length of employment and productivity levels. Staff must return all company equipment and vehicles prior to the date above.

Use the four steps below to draft your letters. If you require any assistance in relation to these matters, please contact the Human Resources department for assistance. Include telephone numbers that employees can call to ask questions.

Check all details before issue to ensure all information is correct. Invite employees to come to the human resources department for questions about benefits, retirement savings accounts, vacation accrual and payment for unused paid time off.

Regard these as legal documents. Explain the company policy, collective bargaining rules or other criteria for the layoffs. Refer to the payroll section as the source of information.

Read this letter during an all-staff meeting. Construct the second paragraph by explaining the circumstances that changed the focus of the business. Basics of Writing a Layoff Letter Layoff letters are sometimes difficult things to write.

Commend the work force for its talents and contributions that made it possible to survive throughout the years. Provide a copy of the appropriate section of the agreement or company policy with the letter.

Basics of Writing a Layoff Letter

Employers may be faced with multiple issues in layoffs, particularly if there are a lot of people affected. Gather documentation that supports the decisions for employees who are being laid off, such as statements concerning job elimination or notes about organizational restructuring.A layoff letter should clearly inform the employee that they have been laid off, and explain their next steps regarding benefits, pay, company property, and the last day of work.

It should also inform employees if it is only a temporary layoff. I am writing this letter to assure you that your termination is in no way related to your performance as a member of the University community. Your termination results from a layoff necessitated by (lack of. Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for.

Writing a letter to inform employees about layoffs is a good start; however, the letter should be discussed with employees during departmental or all-staff meetings. Before writing a letter announcing such a policy, make sure the layoff criteria doesn’t have an unintentionally disproportionate impact on minorities or women.

If employees have the right to be recalled or rehired, explain the criteria. When an employer lays off employees, the employees deserve to receive the termination information in a termination letter.

Use this sample layoff termination letter as a model to craft your own letters.

Writing a layoff letter to employees
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